More Testimonials

“I have fought with my weight since I gave birth to my youngest child. I had tried everything, if there was a diet I did it, a program I did it, I had some success, but the weight always came back. Since the surgery, I have lost 18% of my weight, my goal is 28% so I am within 10% of it in only 8 months. The support before the surgery was amazing, the team helped me understand completely what to expect and to help me be ready for how my life was going to change. I have now lost 2 dress sizes and have more energy to get out and walk. I have stopped taking my cholesterol medication. I just went on a cruise and was able to wear a bathing suit and I looked GOOD! Dr. Joseph and his team are out standing in making sure you are ready before and support after the procedure, always ready to answer questions.”

— Anonymous

“On October 11, 2016, I had Gastric Bypass surgery performed by Dr. Joseph at Centerpoint Medical Center.

I have struggled with my weight for years which gave me type 2 diabetes. My weight was up over 350 when I went to see Dr. Joseph to help my diabetes and my heart condition. Now 5 months later I am down to 260 lbs. I was taking 300 units 75/25 Humalog insulin a day, now I take 30 units a day. I was taking Trulicity once a week now I’m done with that. I was taking Xarelto for my heart, no need for that my cardiologist says.

I’m feeling a whole lot better, able to ride my bike and take the dog for lots of walks and do things around the house.

I’m not at my goal yet which is 195, but I’m doing good thanks to Dr. Joseph and all at his office, especially Denise Johnson.

Thank you, guys, so much.”

— Bruce T.