Body Mass Index

BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and is calculated by taking into consideration an individual’s weight AND height. It is a measurement of a person’s weight relative to their height. Because of differences in size and body composition, using only someone’s weight is not the most accurate way to determine whether they need weight loss surgery. Someone who is taller would typically be expected to weigh more than someone who is shorter. That is why the BMI gives a better idea of whether someone’s weight is healthy, or if it puts them at risk for all of the diseases associated with obesity, making them a potential candidate for weight loss surgery.

A BMI of 20-24.9 is considered healthy. Obesity begins at a BMI greater than 30. Bariatric surgery is typically approved by insurances at a BMI greater than 35 along with an associated medical condition, or a BMI greater than 40 with or without an associated medical condition. However, even if your BMI is less than 35 you may still qualify for weight loss surgery, and the experienced surgeons at KC Bariatric will be able to help you decide this.

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