Patient Success Stories

We’re so glad you’re here!  This is where we share our patient’s success with you so you can envision yourself in their shoes.  We help people revive their health and life and get them back to doing the things that make them most happy.  Could be walking through the grocery store on their own or playing in the backyard with their grandkids.  Whatever you want to get back to, we can help! We’re here to guide you to your personal best results!

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Another patient WIN!!! Thank you so much for sharing Brittany…  your success is our success and we couldn’t be happier to continually serve you. Keep shining!


“I just had my 1-year post-op (revision) appointment with Dr. Joseph!  

Thank you for fixing my GERD…. and THANK YOU for giving me my life back. 🎈🎯

– Jenny


“I am so glad I made this choice. It’s been very rewarding and I’m looking forward to doing more things as I keep losing weight. I have two granbabies now that I’m able to do things with that I wasn’t able to do with their parents. Dr. Joseph is AMAZING and his crew are one of a kind. I am truly honored to work with them and have their support. This was LIFE-CHANGING and to this day people don’t recognize me.”

– Joni


She had gastric bypass 3 months ago, diabetic with 11 heart stents in place. She was also advised to have heart bypass surgery. I saw her in the clinic today and she is doing remarkably well! She’s lost 52 pounds and counting, is off her diabetic medications, and the cardiologist advised her that she no longer needs heart surgery. We’re so happy for her!

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Down 115 pounds in 6 months! Crystal has changed her habits and in turn, changed her life!

I started this journey in July 2021 and my surgery was in Dec 2021.  I originally saw a different doctor in 2020 about the sleeve, but I got scared and I backed out.  In July 2021 I decided to try Dr. Joseph’s office and I LOVED THE ENTIRE TEAM!  They made everything so easy to navigate.  The day I met with Dr. Joseph I said I’m going to do this, and do it correctly!

I left the office and that day I changed my eating and lifestyle habits.  From July to December I lost approximately 50 lbs just by changing what I ate.  On surgery day I was 248 lbs, and I believe surgery was the best thing for me.  It has helped my PCOS and back pain.  I am so glad that I did it!  Just remember these words…”Mind over Matter”, those words are what made this journey successful for me.  I cant wait to see what else the rest of my life is like.

I’m down 115 lbs, 6 months post-op.  I’m so excited about what my future holds!  Thank you UBCKC!

– Crystal

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On October 11, 2016, I had Gastric Bypass surgery performed by Dr. Joseph at Centerpoint Medical Center.

I have struggled with my weight for years which gave me type 2 diabetes. My weight was up over 350 when I went to see Dr. Joseph to help my diabetes and my heart condition. Now 5 months later I am down to 260 lbs. I was taking 300 units 75/25 Humalog insulin a day, now I take 30 units a day. I was taking Trulicity once a week now I’m done with that. I was taking Xarelto for my heart, no need for that my cardiologist says.

I’m feeling a whole lot better, able to ride my bike and take the dog for lots of walks and do things around the house.

I’m not at my goal yet which is 195, but I’m doing good thanks to Dr. Joseph and all at his office, especially Denise Johnson.

Thank you, guys, so much!

– Bruce T.

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I have fought with my weight since I gave birth to my youngest child. I had tried everything, if there was a diet I did it, a program I did it, I had some success, but the weight always came back.

Since the surgery, I have lost 18% of my weight, my goal is 28% so I am within 10% of it in only 8 months. The support before the surgery was amazing, the team helped me understand completely what to expect and helped me be ready for how my life was going to change.

I have now lost 2 dress sizes and have more energy to get out and walk. I have stopped taking my cholesterol medication. I just went on a cruise and was able to wear a bathing suit and I looked GOOD! Dr. Joseph and his team are outstanding in making sure you are ready before and support after the procedure, always ready to answer questions.