Is It a New Year’s Resolution or just another New Year’s Delusion? The New Year is when people start making resolutions, especially the resolution for weight loss or creating a healthy lifestyle. But we all know the trend, most don’t even make it a week of taking the necessary steps to succeed.

View your New Year’s weight-loss resolution as a fresh start, by doing this you’re far more likely to accomplish it and allow it to become a new lifestyle. If you create your plan based on negative thoughts, deprivation, or because someone else told you to, then chances are you’ll fall off shortly after you begin.


Weight loss spelled out with Scrabble tiles

Keep it positive, your weight loss is a chain of positive thoughts and healthy decisions away…

If your New Year’s resolution is weight loss, pick out the positives such as:

⭐ Improved Health

⭐ Lowered Body Fat

⭐ Increased Energy

⭐ Improved Self-Esteem

⭐ Increased Metabolism

⭐ Improved Digestion

Now that you have your thoughts flowing in the right direction, what are the steps to take to bring weight-loss success?

✔ Set short-term goals so you can be successful at your long-term goals. Like setting a monthly goal, for example, write down a realistic amount of weight you would like to drop in a 4-week time span.

✔ Create a list of things you will give up, for example, make a list of three bad habits that are currently stalling your weight-loss efforts, such as tapering off soda, candy, and eating out.

✔ Create a deadline, a deadline gives you a sense of purpose and urgency. Mark a deadline on your calendar. In addition, entering transformation challenges or Facebook Groups with like-minded people can really help keep you on track and supported.

✔ Create a course of action on how you will meet your weight-loss goal. Write out on a calendar your monthly short-term goals, the days you will weight train, and the days you will do cardiovascular exercise. Having your week or even month planned out in advance for you to follow takes a lot of last-minute guesswork and decisions out of the equation and you’re more likely to stick to your plan.

✔ Tell your family, friends, and co-workers about your new fresh start and get their support. When others know about your goals they will usually keep you accountable for them by asking you about it and how you are doing and not trying to derail your efforts.

✔ Create an accountability sheet to score yourself each day. Your goal, ideally, is to make a perfect score daily in all areas of fitness (1. what and how much you eat, 2. water intake, and 3. exercise). Using a fitness tracker app on your phone like My Fitness Pal makes tracking all of this simple. Making yourself accountable every day in a written format is a sure-fire way to know that you did everything you could that day to be successful towards your goal.

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✔ Reward yourself for meeting goals. When you complete a short-term goal successfully, reward yourself. A reward for your success doesn’t have to be food-related. Reward yourself with going shopping for new clothes for your changing body or color your hair for a new image or buy a ticket to your favorite concert, sporting event, or show.

You’ve probably heard all of this before, but that’s because there really isn’t any shortcut to healthy living. It takes time, planning, and diligence. When you do it though and FOLLOW THROUGH you WILL see results.

You’ll feel better in a week, see a difference in 4 weeks, your friends will see a difference in 8 weeks and you’ll have completely retrained your lifestyle and way of doing things in 12 weeks. Don’t wait! Invest in your health in 2022 and make it a priority! Cheers to your success and if we at United Bariatrics Center of Kansas City can help you on this journey don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you!

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