Kansas City is an excellent location for outdoor activities that aid with weight loss. For individuals who want to be active and shed some pounds, the city offers a broad range of possibilities, including walking and jogging paths, parks, and other recreation areas.

This article will discuss some of the top outdoor activities in Kansas City for burning calories and getting in shape. These activities will include walking and jogging trails, parks, and other outdoor recreation locations.


Bike Trails around Kansas City

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According to Bikemap, there are over 130 bike trails around Kansas City. There are options for everyone – whether it’s your first time biking or you need a challenge. Below are some of the different types of bike trails in Kansas City that anyone can enjoy.

The Gary Haller Trail

Location: Mill Creek Streamway Park

Trail Type: Asphalt

Trail Length: 13.8 miles

Suitability: All skill levels

Activities: Biking, Walking, Picnic

This 13.8 miles paved path runs along Mill Creek on the western edge of the Kansas City metro area. It begins at Nelson Island on the Kansas River and travels south through Shawnee and Lenexa before coming to an end in Olathe. 

Riders at all skill levels may enjoy a lovely and tranquil ride on this track. Biking is easier on this long trail because of the paved pathway. There are several restrooms, picnic spots, drinking fountains, and shelters all around the track. 

In certain places, the trail has some slopes as it emerges from the stream bottom. The majority of it has a good canopy and various turnouts leading to nearby parks. You may travel the paved trails and roads inside SM Park. You can access this trail from multiple locations, including 4731 Wilder Road, 19405 Midland Drive, 19865 W. 87th Lane, 119th & Northgate, and 11499 S. Millview.

Blue River Bike Trail

Location: 12600 Blue River Rd

Trail Type: Asphalt and Dirt

Trail Length: 26 miles

Suitability: All skill levels

Activities: Biking, Jogging

There are two types of trails at this location. From Minor Park to 95th street, you will find the Greenway trail that’s paved and 5.5 miles in length. Alongside the Blue River, this path goes through several fishing lakes, open areas, and forests. Compared to the dirt path, this trail is easier for new cyc;list and suitable for walking with families.

The 26 miles long bike pathway near Blue River is parallel to the Greenway trail. It’s a single-track trail with a dirt path that’s suitable for more experienced cyclists. Therefore, if you want a long trail for a challenging ride, this is the right option.

This segment of the Blue River Parkway Trail already links the Indian Creek and Tomahawk Trails to the west. The downhill parts offer some good subtle jumps on smooth paths, although occasionally, you have to carry your bike over bad surfaces. You can access this trail from Blue River Park, Alex George Wetland Park, or Minor Park.

Cedar Niles Park Trail

Location: Cedar Niles Park

Trail Type: Asphalt

Trail Length: 4 miles

Suitability: Mountain Bikers

Activities: Biking, Walking, Inline Skating

At the North end of Cedar Niles park, you will find around 4 miles of singletrack for mountain biking. Another bike trail starts from 135th Street to Clare Road. One of the perks of this trail is it’s not very crowded. If you live nearby, it’s a perfect spot for biking and even for inline skating when the ground is covered with snow.

It’s not a flat ride, and you will have to go up mountain trails. However, the roads are paved. Therefore, this path is recommended for medium to highly-skilled cyclists who want to have a good exercise.

There are parking spots, water fountains, bike repair shops, and restrooms at every trailhead in this location. While the development of the park is still ongoing, cyclists won’t have any issues going through the paved road. 135th Street, 119th Street, and 127th Street are the access points to this trail.

Kill Creek Streamway Trail

Location: 31430 W 143rd St, Gardner

Trail Type: Asphalt

Trail Length: 7 miles

Suitability: All skill levels

Activities: Biking, Walking, Inline Skating

The Kill Creek Streamway trail is a 7 miles long pathway with two segments. Moreover, there is a mountain biking trail at Kill Creek Park. This trail is best for elderly people and people who just started biking for their weight loss journey.

Kill Creek trail is pretty throughout the year. Many experienced cyclists, joggers, and dogwalkers enjoy going through this pathway. It’s very well-maintained, and the beautiful surrounding makes it one of the best trails near Gardner.

Alongside the park, there are restrooms, a swimming beach, a playground, and several picnic spots throughout the trail. 95th Street and Shelter 1 are the access points and park areas for the trail.

Line Creek Trail

Location: 2699 NW 60th St

Trail Type: Concrete

Trail Length: 8.4 miles

Suitability: Experienced Cyclists

Activities: Biking, Walking, Inline Skating

Beauty is the one word to describe the Line Creek trail. It is surrounded by many scenic spots and wooded areas, making it one of the most picturesque cycling spots in Kansas City. The mile markers throughout the trail are also helpful for keeping your weight loss workout in check.

From the southern terminus in Riverside, close to the Missouri-Kansas border, you can head north through residential areas and densely forested regions. The route crosses a residential street, North Line Creek Parkway, as you get closer to its end.

This trail is mostly recommended for cyclists who have been riding for a while. There are many curves and hills that make the trail more exciting. However, new cyclists can also give it a try if they are looking for a challenge. The access point is at the southern end of the trail at Riverside.

Hiking and Trail Walking

There are several opportunities for weight loss through hiking and trail walking in Kansas City. One excellent choice is to visit several nearby parks and nature reserves, which provide a range of difficulty levels and breathtaking natural landscapes. 

Many of these parks also feature paved trails and walkways made especially for hiking and walking, so it’s simple to pick a route that works for you. Below is a list of some of the best trails in Kansas City for walking and hiking.

White Tail

Location: 55-199 E 13th St, Parkville

Route Type: Loop

Trail Length: 2.6 miles

Activities: Hiking, Birding, Running

Situated in Parkville Nature Sanctuary, the White Tail trail surrounds itself with green trees and beautiful terrains. It is a loop trail that usually takes an hour to complete. Walking through this trail, you will see and enjoy beautiful woody areas, a few streams, a waterfall, and wildlife.

Walkways, footbridges, and railroad ties are spread along the terrain to make the elevated surfaces more accessible. Dogs aren’t allowed on this trail. You can access this path right in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary.

Wudchuk Run Loop

Location: Swoop Park

Route Type: Loop

Trail Length: 2.1 miles

Activities: Mountain Biking, Walking, Running

This trail starts with rocky terrains, leading to the woods. The road itself is easy to spot, which prevents the chances of getting lost. You’ll spend around 50 minutes finishing a loop at Wudchuk. One of the advantages of the trail is it’s not crowded at all. So, if you are looking for a peaceful walk, the spot is recommended.

Make sure you have your GPS or App with you for the first time, as most of the area isn’t marked. Besides walking, you can enjoy the sceneries, a beautiful lake, and exciting natural terrains. 

Running or Jogging

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Scenic trails are scattered throughout Kansas City for your morning jogging sessions. Additionally, there are several running clubs and organizations in Kansas City, such as the Kansas City Running Club, that provide scheduled runs and training plans for anyone wishing to get fitter and connect with like-minded people.

Some of the popular and well-maintained jogging spots in Kansas City are:

  • Mill Creek Park: This is situated in the center of the city on the outskirts of Country Club Plaza. It has numerous sizable open green spaces and is one of the city’s most famous fountains. The park’s easy-going, almost mile-long asphalt route is a fantastic option for joggers of all levels.
  • Gary Haller Trail: The west portion of the Kansas City metropolitan region is home to this 17-mile paved path. The route travels south through the communities of Shawnee and Lenexa before reaching its end in Olathe. It begins at Nelson Island on the Kansas River. For runners searching for a longer course, this is a fantastic choice.
  • Loose Park: A sizable park in the center of Kansas City, Loose Park has a 3.2-mile asphalt circle around the lake that’s ideal for an early-morning jog. In addition, the park has picnic tables, a playground, and a rose garden.
  • Indian Creek Trail: The 6 miles-long Indian Creek Trail winds through Overland Park, Kansas. It is ideal for a strenuous run since it has a diversity of terrain, including forested sections and open fields.
  • Trolley Track Trail: A paved track that winds 8.2 miles across Kansas City’s south side is known as the Trolley Track Trail. The walk offers beautiful city views while following an old trolley line. It is a terrific location for runners who want to get in a workout and city exploration at the same time.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding or Kayaking

In Kansas City, stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking are common pastimes. People can use a variety of tools to identify paddling possibilities in the region.

Active Cities

On the website ActiveCities.com, you can learn more about renting paddle boards, white water rafting, and kayaks in Missouri and Kansas City. The website includes a map and details on various paddling clubs, schools, rivers, lakes, and canals, as well as rental facilities and boat launches.

Paddle KC

Paddle KC is an ACA Paddle America Club that organizes frequent events via the Meetup website. They are a welcoming, varied, and inclusive community of individuals who canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard and like being active outside. Be sure to read the group description and event description before joining, as they are not a typical Meetup group.

Several activities suit various interests and fitness levels, including hiking and trail walking, running or jogging, riding stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. These exercises aid in calorie burning and muscle toning and offer a fun chance to leave the house and take in the area’s breathtaking natural surroundings. 

Joining a group or organization may also help people trying to improve their way of life by offering support and incentive. It is crucial to always speak with your doctor before beginning a new workout regimen.

Image by Ingrid from Pixabay