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Bariatric weight loss surgery in Lee’s Summit with the most dedicated surgical team is the United Bariatrics Center of Kanas City. While surgical weight loss is more immediately effective compared to diet, exercise, and prescription treatments, significant weight regain is common and results vary.  47.8% of patients regain at least 10 percent of their maximum weight lost during the year after reaching their nadir weight, while 67.3% of patients regain 20 percent of their maximum weight lost five years after nadir. Weight regain can cause the reemergence of disease(s) and quality of life impairments and create the need for more intensive and costly treatments.

The first year after bariatric surgery; the honeymoon period, carries a risk to perceive the post-operative journey as “easy”—weight loss is rapid, following the diet is “easier” due to limited hunger and ability to consume larger amounts of food, mood and quality of life improves, and adopting regular physical activity might not seem necessary or worthwhile given rapid weight loss.  

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However, the honeymoon doesn’t last forever, and many patients might be unprepared to deal with the end of the honeymoon and the harder work ahead to maintain initial success.

✔ A number of issues can slow weight loss down.

✔ Food intake gradually increases after surgery

✔ Many postsurgery patients have low levels of physical activity

✔ Without physical activity comes low motivation in general

Weight loss after any type of effort, including bariatric surgery, induces metabolic and hormonal changes like; hypothalamic neuropeptide expression, insulin, leptin, and resting energy expenditures that create an “energy gap” where appetite and energy intake are elevated, driving weight regain. That’s why higher physical activity is critical to counter many of these changes and narrow the energy gap.

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The Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss Maintenance Secret

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Creating a balanced lifestyle that works with your life is also something we help you with. It’s essential to know how you’ll structure your days, meals, and activity to fit it all in while still leaving plenty of time to enjoy your newfound vitality! The physical side is as essential as what you put in your mouth. The combination of both will reshape the brain and how it approaches food and activity and in under a month, you’ll notice how your mind and body follow suit when you’re feeding it well and using it often! The balance is addictive! We offer 4 different surgical options, learn about them all here.

We have 3 locations in the Kansas City area:

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