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Educating and encouraging patients to embark on a healthier lifestyle is a challenge. It’s especially true when you’re suggesting they adopt new behaviors and cut back on others that might be a health risk that’s closing in. It’s common to be met with resistance, and even fear. That’s why we start with motivational interviewing every patient.

Research shows that patients’ behavior change can be influenced by a provider’s therapeutic approach, rather than a direct and to-the-point approach that can leave people with an insensitive feeling after they leave their appointment.

Not our style. At United Bariatric Center of Kansas City, we take pride in getting to know our patients and the reasons why they came to see us.

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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Patient and Doctor Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a patient/nurse/doctor conversation that focuses on identifying the patient’s own motivation for change. This approach helps our doctors develop specific treatment strategies for patients that are aligned with their individual goals and objectives. Not only does this set patients up for success, but it also provides an effective foundation for true behavior change.

Motivational Interviewing Broken Down Into 4 Steps:

  • Step 1: Identify a patient’s motivation for change
  • Step 2: Reinforce that motivation
  • Step 3: Develop specific patient-centered goals toward achieving change
  • Step 4: Provide follow-up and support

In the end, motivational interviewing has proven to be a successful strategy to initiate behavioral change in patients who are overweight or obese. By identifying your motivations, we can develop a genuine connection while providing the necessary support for them to regain control and embrace change. There’s no better place to start!

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How does Motivational Interviewing help patients with weight loss?

Motivational interviewing helps patients with weight loss by identifying their motivations and goals, reinforcing those motivations, and providing follow-up and support. This approach helps to develop specific treatment strategies that are tailored to the individual patient, which can be effective in initiating behavioral change.

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