Exercise is very important to the weight loss process, but what if you hate running? You understand how important it is to have cardiovascular routines in your fitness regimen, but you just don’t seem to gel with the whole running thing. We have a few solutions for you that can help you keep that cardio in your workout, without adding the dreaded running that we all love to hate.

  • Kickboxing

The first method of adding cardio without running is kickboxing. Kickboxing allows you the benefit of gaining better balance, power and, agility, without all the drama that running can bring. Kickboxing focuses on power movements, these are movements that produce force and speed to get your body moving and your heart pumping. Kickboxing training is made of intense repetitive movement which helps burn a lot of calories. The great part about kickboxing is that when you are done with the workout, the calories keep burning.

  • Cycling

If you are looking to focus on a specific part of your body while getting a little extra cardio in, you may want to consider cycling. Indoor cycling focuses on the muscles in your legs hips and backside all while burning calories through cardio. An added benefit is that while your muscles are being strengthened, your bones, tendons, and ligaments surrounding those muscles will be strengthened as well.

  • Aquatic Exercise – Low impact

The final alternative we want to share with you is a great option for those who are looking for low impact cardio. Waterobics like, swimming, and water jogging can improve your heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. Water has a natural buoyancy that lessens the effect of gravity and can create a substantial amount of resistance which can help build muscle.


Cardio training without running is possible. Now you can fall in love with your workout routine again. With these 3 cardio alternatives, you’ll be back on road to weight loss and optimal health.