Anxiety can be broadly defined as an unpleasant emotional state of nervousness influencing one’s cognitions and behavior in response to anticipated threats, in this case, we’re talking about surgery.  

Sources of stress for patients are many, including: anticipation of pain, separation from family, loss of independence, fear of anesthesia, and the possibility of death.  Postoperatively, anxiety arises due to any mismatch in expectations and actual experience of recovery, unexpected complications, and financial strain or distressing interactions with insurance providers.

All of this right before your scheduled to have a life-changing surgery is a lot to carry so we want to let you know ahead of time that we are aware of this fear and we structure our onboarding process and preoperative appointments to tackle these types of feelings before they ever start!  Our nurses are trained and ready to answer all your questions and put you in touch with the tools and resources you’ll need to make your personal surgery process smooth as can be.  We can assure you of this because after hundreds of successful surgeries we’ve received incredible feedback from our patients.  Their praises about the improvements on their life is all we need to hear.  They had a low-stress surgery, predicted recovery, routines and resources in place for success and the results they anticipated and the weight just keeps coming off!

That’s what we can do to help avoid preoperative anxiety, there are also a few things you can do that will help…

People cope with pre-surgery anxiety in very different ways: Some try to prevent anxiety or stress by getting information early on and talking with other people about their concerns like we mentioned above. Others distract themselves by reading, or use exercise or relaxation techniques like slow and deep breathing to help calm their nerves.  Either way, you want to enter your surgery with a happy and optimistic state of mind.  Find a balanced point where you realize that life after surgery will look different, but that’s the difference you need.  You need to be able to start over with a fresh attitude and healthy routines and resources in an open minded way.  When you believe that your end goal is possible, you’ll be successful!

With benefits like this, considering surgery is a no-brainer…  

and with a team like United Bariatrics Center of Kansas City you know you’re in the best hands!  

✔ Remission for type 2 diabetes

✔ High blood pressure

✔ High cholesterol

✔ Improved heart health

✔ Depression relief

✔ Eliminate sleep apnea 

✔ Relief of joint pain

✔ Improve fertility

It’s important to choose a doctor and facility that’s knowledgeable, experienced and trusted in performing these procedures effectively.  The pre and post-surgery care are just as important as the surgery and Dr. Joseph and his staff are trained, experienced, and ready to help you discover the quality of life you desire!  

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